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The employment project approved

The City of Bijeljina has been awarded with 180.000 euros grant (without VAT) for the implementation of Project: "The continuing institutional cooperation to sustainable jobs in Bijeljina". The project will be implemented under the project “Support to Local Employment Partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina” (LEP), which is funded by the EU and implemented by the International Labor Organisation (ILO). The total value of the project is 211,000 euros (without VAT), and the partners are the Employment Agency, Chamber of Commerce, Faculty of Business Economics, Technical School "Mihajlo Pupin" and the companies "Mega Drvo" and "Steco Centar".The aim of the project is to reduce the problem of youth unemployment in Bijeljina, through the development of innovative approaches to the problem and partnerships between civil, public and private sectors. The expected result is the employment of at least 60 unemployed persons that belong to vulnerable groups, through two sub-components - 50 workers on the basis of retraining, and 10 through self-employment, through a set of entrepreneurial training and incentives.- The overall objective of the project includes the development of the partnership institutional framework for the development of human resources in the City of Bijeljina and the capacity building of local stakeholders for the development and implementation of active labor market policy. Improved business activity of local enterprises will lead to new employment, which will increase the rate of inflow of funds from contributions and taxes in budgets, both at the local and national level - was announced at the City Administration.Besides the above mentioned, the new machine for metal and wood processing for the purposes of vocational training in technical school "Mihajlo Pupin" from Bijeljina, will be purchased within the project.- Lack of skilled labor is one of the key causes of unemployment in the city of Bijeljina. Timber industry following significant technological advances that require an educated workforce to use the new technology. The purchase of equipment for the modern classrooms for practical classes at the technical school "Mihajlo Pupin" Bijeljina ,would create the conditions for long-term creation of high-quality professionals. The school would also improve the conditions for additional training and retraining of workers who would immediately after graduation, be able to work independently as entrepreneurs as well as to work in the production process of enterprises - it is stated in the City Administration.The Council for Employment and Education of the City of Bijeljina will be established within the project – as  a permanent working body composed of all relevant actors in this field from the City.