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Greek Ambassador visits the City Administration

The City Administration, and Mayor Ljubiša Petrović, hosted the Greek Ambassador to BaH, Mr. Dimitrios Papandreou.
The reason of the visit is the opening of the Greek Corner at the University Sinergija, which is going to be a centre for the Greek language, culture and civilisation from now on.
Ambassador Papandreou expressed his gratitude to Mayor Petrović for his support to this project, and said that the cooperation of our two peoples will be expanded to other areas.
- Starting this centre is an integral part of our plan to make a network of Greek corners which will serve as centres of Greek culture, civilisation and language in BaH. Greek Corner in Bijeljina is the sixth in BaH. The first one was opened in Doboj, and then in Pale, Visoko, Banja Luka and Zvornik. The purpose of this project is to bring our peoples together, which is possible by studying the Greek language and civilisation – said the ambassador.
Mayor Petrović explained that the ambassador’s visit to the city administration was an opportunity to exchange ideas and continue the yesterday’s conversation during the opening ceremony of the mentioned centre of Greek culture and language, and once again mentioned the centuries’ long history of friendship between the two peoples.
- Ties between Serbian and Greek peoples are unbreakable, and our friendship has been proven many times – from the Middle Ages up to nowadays. The policy of Greece towards Serbian people during the Defence and Patriotic War in 1995 should be mentioned. At that time Greece provided refuge for many Serbian children who stayed in Thessaloniki and the surrounding settlements and sent great volume of humanitarian aid to Republika Srpska. It is something that we will never forget, as well as how Greece behaved during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 – Petrović pointed out.
Gratitude and respect between our peoples is even stronger because we are orthodox and share the same Christian values.
A number of initiatives and ideas were part of today’s talks. These will provide results in the future, and they are related to the founding of Serbian-Greek friendship association.
- Today, we made an arrangement for the head of the Commercial Section of the Embassy of Greece in BaH to visit our city in June so we could introduce our businessmen to the Embassy of Greece. Communication between them will develop ideas for projects. It was also agreed to send a letter to the Embassy of Greece to ask for support in looking for a partner, twin city to start a cooperation which would result in student exchange between Bijeljina and a city in Greece – said Mayor Petrović.