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Turkey is co-financing riverbed regulation of the river Janja

Project of downstream riverbed regulation of the river Janja, was presented today at a meeting of His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Cihad Erginay, Vice-President of the Republic of Srpska Mr. Ramiz Salkić and the Mayor of the City of Bijeljina Mr. Mićo Mićić. Turkish Embassy has provided four (4) million BAM for the implementation of the above mentioned Project.

During his two-day visit to Podrinje, the Ambassador Erginay has visited the Local Community Janja, where he was introduced with the works that will be carried out on the riverbed of the river Janja.

By advising the residents of the Local Community Janja to be more cooperative and to make decisions taking into consideration public interest, Vice President of the Republic of Srpska Mr. Ramiz Salkić stressed out that after the completion of issues related to the land expropriation it will be possible to publish the tender immediately and, after that, start works on the protection of the river Janja

- Today we have specified all the activities related to the start of the final tasks regarding project implementation of the river Janja riverbed. We all have the obligation to act when something bad happens, but bigger obligation is to react preventively, so we could prevent bad things.

Reminding on the enormous help, that during last year's floods, arrived from Turkey, the Mayor of the City of Bijeljina Mr. Mićić said that the current priority of the City Administration is protection of the City of  Bijeljina and Semberija region from new disasters.

- Thanks to the readiness of the Government of Turkey to assist the implementation of the riverbed regulation of the river Janja with the donation of four (4) million BAM, we can expect for works to start in the next year. The first section will be financed from the project of river Drina embankment, or 24 million BAM approved by the World Bank. The second section with a length of 900 meters by donor funds, while the money for the third section will be expected from the European Commission - IPA funds for the last year, with five million BAM available. Riverbed Regulation of the river Janja and construction of Drina embankments, from the confluence of the river Janja into the river Drina, to the confluence of the  river Drina into the river Sava, Semberija region  will be protected from flooding in the next 50 to 100 years, was concluded by the Mayor of the City of Bijeljina Mr. Mićić after the meeting.

City of  Bijeljina has already funded the development of projects, the audit, over half a million BAM has been provided from the City budget for its implementation, as well as the part of the funds for the land expropriation.