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Wastewater system finished in Majevička and surrounding streets

On the eve of Bijeljina City Holiday, at the General Draža Mihailović Square, it was symbolically formalized the completion of works on the main sewage secondary collector number 3, which began in April 2013. The collector is set through Majevička and surrounding streets where the fecal and rain collector were, as a part of the project, transportation and distribution supply network were restored as well as the roads reconstructed. Also, at the crossroads of Majevička Street, Meše Selimovića Street and General Draže Square new rounabout is built and, close to it, public fountain has set.

The costs of the Project is almost €3.3 million, which are fully obtained from the loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In order to connect as many as possible inhabitants to the sewage network, the scope of the project were increased, which is funded with €256.000 from the City budget.The total length of so far constructed sewage network within the first and second phase of the project is 28,900 meters of fecal collectors, respectively, 14,800 meters of rain collectors, and so far 8,400 households, or approximately 27,000 inhabitants of urban area of the City of Bijeljina have been connected to the sewage network.