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Improvement of the Business Environment

In order to verify the fulfillment of the Criteria for awarding Certificates to the City with favorable business environment, members of the BFC (Business Friendly Certificate) Verification Commission, have visited Bijeljina City Administration on June 04 2015.During the meeting with the Mayor Mićo Mićić and with the City representatives the BFC team thoroughly analyzed 12 main criteria and 80 sub-criteria concerning the improvement of services quality and information which are provided to entrepreneurs and foreign investors by Bijeljina City Administration, and on whose fulfillment the City has been working in the previous year.Recognizing the importance of creating a favorable business environment for the development of the City, the City of Bijeljina has joined the certification process, on 29 July 2014, by signing the Contract with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska, and now is waiting for the report on criteria fulfillment from the Verification Commission.BFC is an internationally recognized Certificate which indicates the commitment of local authorities to create a favorable business environment which involves a partnership between businesses, efficient and transparent administration, as well as adequate infrastructure.