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Mayor Petrović in a working visit to France

​Bijeljina Mayor LJubiša Petrović is in a working visit to France, where he is going to participate in the work of the Paris Peace Forum and meet with a number of French officials.
Official meetings started in the Senate, by talking to the Senator Marta de Cidrac, President of the France-Western Balkans Friendship Group and other senators members of the same group, and opinions regarding the political situation were exchanged on this occasion, and also the possibilities to establish and expand cultural and economic cooperation of Bijeljina with the cities and other government levels in France.
- It is a great honour for our city to be invited to the Paris Peace Forum, where, among others, the French President Emmanuel Macron and the Vice President of the USA Kamala Harris will address the Forum. France is one of the most influential countries in the European Union, and the whole world, and they monitor the situation in the Balkans, where more and more young leaders are committed to cooperating with the EU. We have more meetings ahead of us, and we will use those in order to present Bijeljina and its potentials the best we can, and also our commitment to cooperate with everyone who wants to cooperate with us, because that is crucial for success in today’s world – said Mayor Petrović.