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The City of Bijeljina

Section for budget

Trg kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 1
76 300  Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 (0)55 233 433
Head of Section: Aleksandra Mihajlović
E-mail: [email protected]
Section for budget performs the following jobs:
  • conduction of preparation process and drafting budget in accordance with the budget calendar,
  • giving instructions to the budget beneficiaries for the preparation of budget applications;
  • preparation of draft budget balance for the following year, including draft decisions on the budget and decision on budget execution;
  • organization of public debates and consideration of remarks/proposals from budget beneficiaries;
  • analysing and monitoring budget execution by bearers and beneficiaries of the funds, launching an initiative for preparation of budget rebalance, and preparation of draft budget rebalance for the following fiscal year, including the necessary documents;
  • providing proposals to the budget beneficiaries for preparation of proposals of quarterly and monthly financial plans
  • cooperation with the Section for finance and accounting and the Section for treasury and reporting in order to obtain data and information necessary in the budgeting process;
  • preparation and development of monthly and quarterly plans of budget beneficiaries;
  • giving consents to the proposals for decisions on reallocation of planned funds between budget beneficiaries/consumer units;
  • preparation of all reports on revenues, harmonization of records on public revenues with banks and competent tax authorities, deciding on complaints submitted by banks and tax payers regarding the collection of revenues of the City;
  • permanent analysis of collection of public revenues, in cooperation with other organizational parts of the City Administration and proposing solutions for their collection;
  • submitting reports to the Head of Department concerning the requests of budget beneficiaries;
  • preparing reports for the City Assembly, Mayor, Head of Department, Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, and other data beneficiaries as necessary;
  • cooperation with other departments and sections in the City Administration and exchange of data from the scope of work of the Section;
  • keeping records on indebtedness of the City;
  • acquiring necessary consents for loans and preparation of reports on indebtedness for competent authorities and institutions;
  • collection and systematization of data on contracts and realized loans, guarantees and submission reports on loans repayments to the Ministry of Finance;
  • planning funds for repayment of loans;
  • initiating orders for procurements within the scope of work of the Section;
  • drafting new and supplementing existing internal control procedures in the Section;
  • improvement of the ISO 9001-2008 quality management system and procedures in the Section;
  • drafting procedures within the scope of work of the Section and monitoring their implementation;
  • implementation safety at work and fire protection measures related to use and maintenance of the property in the Section;
  • participation in the planning process, collecting and submission of statistical and other data from their scope of work, analysis of condition in the areas from their scope of work;
  • preparation of information from their scope of work needed for preparation of City Development Strategy implementation plan and participation in its preparation;
  • other jobs ordered by the Mayor and the Head of Department, or other jobs placed in their scope of work by special documents.