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The City of Bijeljina

Section for records, collection and analysis of revenues

Trg kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 1
76 300  Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 (0)55 233 490
Head of Section: Vesna Đurica
E-mail: [email protected]
Section for records, collection and analysis of revenues performs the following jobs:
  • keeping records on claims of non-tax local revenues in accordance with final decisions or contracts of competent departments of the City Administration;
  • updating details of legal entities and individuals – payers, in accordance with the information from the official registries available on sites of APIF (Agency for intermediary, IT and financial services) and Indirect Taxation Authority;
  • harmonization of auxiliary records of claims with the treasury main book;
  • taking measures necessary for better collection of all tax and non-tax revenues of the City budget (warnings, enforced collection, claims, etc.);
  • monitoring and analysis of collection of local taxes under the competence of Tax Administration, and in accordance with the powers, taking measures to increase the number of taxpayers and to improve tax collection;
  • preparing all sales invoices for the customers;
  • calculation of output VAT;
  • sales invoices bookkeeping, sorting and archiving sales invoices, contracts, etc.;
  • regular harmonization of claims with the debtors, as the ground for accurate and correct recording of claims in financial reports;
  • submission of all applications to the Tax Administration for reposting funds, return of excess paid or mistakenly paid funds;
  • analysis of revenues according to their type, debtors and periods, and preparation of corresponding reports;
  • analysis of existing data on real estate taxpayers’ property, as well as comparison of existing data on real estate taxpayers’ property to the data contained in other databases, and preparation of corresponding reports;
  • other jobs ordered by the Mayor and the Head of Department, or other jobs placed in their scope of work by special documents.