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The Czech Embassy supports the improvement of energy efficiency in Bijeljina

Ambassador of the Czech Republic Jakub Skalnik visited Bijeljina on 10 July and on that occasion he talked with the Bijeljina City Mayor Mićo Mićić about the possibilities of enhancing the cooperation between the City of Bijeljina and Czech companies, as well as the Government of the Czech Republic.One of the main topics of this meeting was the energy efficiency, that is, the construction of a gas plant, which would improve the quality of heating in Bijeljina.- We are in negotiations with the Czech company "Tenza", who is willing to provide heating in Bijeljina through the creation of a gas energy plant, which would reduce air pollution. Bijeljina will receive gas by the end of this year, and we hope that we will succeed in implementing numerous projects, including this one – ws announced by Mićić, adding that the idea of building a power plant on clean waste was also discussed, as well as the possibilities of exploiting geothermal water.The Mayor thanked the Czech Republic Ambassador for sharing their experiences and mediating between our citiy and Czech companies, as part of supporting efforts to increase energy efficiency.Ambassador Jakub Skalnik emphasized that the City Administration at this meeting presented possibilities for investing in Bijeljina in a modern, integrated way, and that the negotitations on this will continue.- I was very happy when Mayor Mićić gave me the opportunity and invited me to visit Bijeljina. I live in BiH  two and a half years and this is my first time in Bijeljina. Bijeljina is one of the few cities that in this way very systematically approaches the solution of the problem of heating. We are looking forward to improving the cooperation between the Government and the Czech Embassy with the City of Bijeljina, and we will also try to find investors who will invest in this city - said Ambassador Skalnik.