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The City of Bijeljina

Virtual assistant at service to citizens

​From today, the virtual assistant MIA (Municipal Intelligent Assistant) will provide information and answer questions about the most wanted administrative procedures through the official web page of the City of Bijeljina, Viber application at viber://pa?chatURI=miabijeljina, and it is planned to be available through Facebook Messenger application at the official Facebook page of the City of Bijeljina. In addition to answering questions about administrative procedures, MIA will provide information about working hours of the organisational units of the City Administration, phone numbers and similar information.
Bijeljina and Laktaši are the first cities in Srpska, and BiH, which got their “virtual assistant”. This innovation has been implemented through the project “Improving municipal services in Serbia and BiH through ChatBot application”, implemented by GIZ, SAGA, NALED, Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska, and Regional network for business friendly environment in Southeast Europe (BFC SEE) within the develoPPP programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). In Serbia, the cities of Sombor and Šabac will get their ChatBot assistants within this project.
Thanks to its artificial intelligence, communication with MIA resembles a conversation with a real person, or a city administration employee. In the first phase, MIA will answer questions and provide information about procedures related to registration in the Register of Marriages, registration of entrepreneurs and limited liability companies, information about rights to student scholarships, or awarding scholarship to the best students of primary and secondary schools. These topics were selected after the analysis of frequency of questions the citizens ask the city administration in person, by mail or electronically.
The goal of the project “Improving municipal services in Serbia and BiH through Chatbot application” is to demonstrate active and functional application of the ChatBot locally, where citizens will benefit the most, as well as the economy, through improved, more accessible and simplified procedures related to providing information about the services of local self-governments.