Official web site of
The City of Bijeljina

Section for legalization

Karađorđeva ulica 4
76 300  Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 (0)55 233 198
Head of Section: Dušan Savić
E-mail: [email protected]
Section for legalization performs the following jobs:
  • conduction of administrative-legal procedures being processed in accordance with the applications submitted by clients for the legalization of buildings, or parts of buildings, which construction started or were reconstructed without a building permit, as well as the buildings constructed in accordance to the building permit, but the construction deviated from the building permit and the main design;
  • preparation of supplemental location requirements, decisions on building and occupancy permits and other documents under the jurisdiction of the Section;
  • issuance of certificates on the facts officially recorded by the Section, providing information within the scope of work of the Section;
  • preparation of the City decisions concerning urbanism and construction (under the jurisdiction of the Section), and other jobs that might emerge in their work;
  • other jobs ordered by the Mayor and the Head of Department, or other jobs placed in their scope of work by special documents.