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The City of Bijeljina

Service for legal aid

Trg kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 1
76 300  Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 (0)55 233 450
There is a legal aid service for the citizens within this Department. It is organised as an independent service for free legal aid for the citizens of the City, excluding the representation of the beneficiaries in any of the proceedings, and excluding legal aid in criminal, misdemeanor and tax proceedings.
Free legal aid is provided to the citizens of the City of Bijeljina related to the protection and exercising their rights, primarily to:
  • persons in state of social need,
  • members of families of killed and missing soldiers, veterans with disabilities,
  • retired people, and
  • unemployed people who are in the records of the Employment Bureau.
Free legal aid, provided by the authorised officer in the Department, includes provision of general legal information concerning organisation and competences of the City and City Administration authorities, providing legal advice, compiling and delivery of documents, pursuant to the law (contracts, testaments, etc.), compiling legal remedies and submissions like: appeals, applications, proposals, objections, claims, extraordinary legal remedies and other legal documents in administrative and court proceedings, and before public authorities; compiling applications or other documents for protection of rights and legal interests based on the law from employer, authority or organisation that makes decisions, compiling submissions and legal remedies in the proceedings conducted by the City Administration, performing other jobs related to provision of legal aid.
Service for legal aid, within their scope of work, participates in the implementation of projects which are implemented by the City (free legal aid to the over-indebted citizens, etc.) and performs other jobs ordered by the Mayor and the Head of Department.