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The City of Bijeljina

Section for residential affairs, utilities and environmental protection

Trg kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 1
76 300  Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 (0)55 233 175
Fax:+387 (0)55 233 160
Head of Section: Vesna Radikić
E-mail: [email protected]
Section for building and occupancy permits performs the following jobs:
  • conduction of administrative procedures and preparation of proposal of decisions related to utilities, conduction of administrative procedure to determine fees for the costs of development of urban construction land and contribution fee for land development,
  • conduction of tasks defined by the City Development Strategy and other plans and programmes within the scope of work of the Section, and especially:
    • participation in the planning, gathering and submission of statistical and other data within the scope of work, preparation of situation analysis within the scope of work,
    • preparation of information from the scope of work needed for the preparation of City Development Strategy implementation plan and participation in its preparation,
    • monitoring projects implementation and preparation of information and reports concerning the progress of projects implementation within the scope of work,
  • preparation of programmes, reports and information concerning joint and individual utilities consumption, and construction land development and usage,
  • provision of organized individual utilities consumption (production and supply of water, treatment and drainage of wastewater, production and supply of heat energy, removal and disposal of municipal waste from the residential and business premises, funeral and chimney sweeping activity,
  • provision of and monitoring the cleaning of public spaces, maintenance, development and equipping public green and recreation areas, drainage of atmospheric water, maintenance of utility equipment,
  • participation in preparation and drafting studies, preparation and development of land, technical documentation, tender documentation,
  • participation in the procedure for naming streets, squares, providing house numbers, and preparation of proposals for the Assembly,
  • organization of protection and improvement of environment quality,
  • conduction of procedure for administrative decision execution,
  • managing business premises and garages, and performing professional and administrative jobs in the procedure for renting (billing, billing control, rent of business premises and garages, analysis of financial effect of billing, preparation of proposals for change of rent price and preparation of analyses and information in this field),
  • coordination of work with other sections and departments of the City Administration,
  • registration of condominium owners’ associations,
  • monitoring the condition of the environment, gathering, registration and analysis of data, facts and other relevant information concerning the condition and usage of nature, and taking appropriate measures with the aim to protect the nature,
  • spreading and widening knowledge about the environment, through the educational institutions, and through cooperation with the associations for environmental protection and non-governmental organizations,
  • gathering information about small plants which endanger or could endanger the environment,
  • providing information about environmental protection in writing,
  • issuance of environmental permits,
  • issuance of environmental permits for the businesses that have a direct impact on the environment,
  • drafting plans for the protection of the environment which are in concordance with the Nature Protection Strategy, as well as participation in the implementation of the Nature Protection Strategy,
  • recording of protected areas and submission of recommendations to the ministry with the competence to establish protected areas,
  • publishing information about air quality,
  • taking measures for protection against noise and ensuring its systematic measuring,
  • ensuring preservation of natural values in their area and adopting acts on protection of natural resources,
  • proposal of a Programme for protection and development of public green areas,
  • keeping registry of plants on public green areas,
  • suppression and destruction of ragweed,
  • coordination of work with competent state authorities, organizations and institutions within their powers,
  • other jobs ordered by the Mayor and the Head of Department, within the scope of work of the Section.