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India Delegation interested in economic cooperation with the City of Bijeljina

Mr. Sayantan Chakravarty, the representative of the Indian Government and farmers from the province Punjab have visited Bijeljina City Administration on 8 - 10 June 2015.

Besides discussions with the Mayor of the City of Bijeljina, Mr. Mićo Mićić and Bijeljina City Administration officials, the delegation of India held a meeting with representatives of the Agricultural Complex "Semberija", Regional Chamber of Commerce Bijeljina, the Agricultural Institute, the factory "Semberka" and „Dvorovi Spa“. The guests from India were introduced with economic potentials of the City of Bijeljina and with investment opportunities. Representatives of India expressed interest in investing in agriculture or food production in Semberija, but also to in revitalization of  „Dvorovi Spa“ complex, as well as in expansion the cow farm capacities in Agricultural Complex "Semberija".

The visit of the delegation from India was organized by the Bijeljina City Administration, as part of efforts to attract foreign investments, creating a favorable business environment and to increase employment opportunities for local population. Indian diplomats and businessmen in recent months have shown a great interest for cooperation with the City of Bijeljina and this is their third visit to Bijeljina.