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Bijeljina needs better energy efficiency

A meeting concerning the proposal of measures to decrease air pollution and to increase energy efficiency of the City of Bijeljina was held at the City Administration premises. A possibility to form a commission which would inspect buildings’ energy efficiency was discussed at the meeting. Plans for mass use of clean and renewable energy sources were also presented.
Mayor Ljubiša Petrović, Ana Ristić and Vesna Radikić from the Department of Residential Affairs, Utilities and Environmental Protection of the City of Bijeljina, Ljubiša Vasić and Milorad Božić from the Public Institution Vode Srpske (Water management), and Dragiša Tanacković from LLC Buk promet attended the meeting.
- We face high level of air pollution in Bijeljina every winter, and one of the biggest causes is a great number of individual fireboxes that use solid fuels, especially lignite. Apart for significant savings for the economy and households, increasing energy efficiency of buildings would significantly reduce the amount of used fuel, resulting in decreased pollution of air in our city – said Mayor Petrović.