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Mayor Petrović: Semberija remembers the victims of the 1999 NATO aggression

​Dear fellow citizens, friends from Serbia and Montenegro...
Tonight we remember the day when the 1999 NATO aggression against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia started and marked the final twilight of law and justice, not only in the territory of the previous state, but also in a much bigger area.
We all remember the seventy-eight days of anxiety and pain caused by death of family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, destroyed bridges, factories, schools, churches, and everything else needed for living. During those days we showed that resistance is possible, no matter how powerful and big the enemy is. However, the losses were enormous, and the consequences of the aggression can still be felt, just like in Republika Srpska – reflected not only in the pain we have been feeling all these years, but also in the consequences caused by destruction and poisoning of nature we were exposed to during the air strikes.
Let's not forget that the Serbian people have resurrected before, even when it seemed impossible. Serbia and Montenegro show every day that it is possible to rise from the ruins that were left by the most powerful military alliance, and we are certain that our cities, villages, fields, monasteries, and churches in Kosovo and Metohija will be safe for all people living there, without artificial administrative borders towards central Serbia.
Semberija remembers its own history and the history of Serbian people, and will continue to remember it, because if we forget about our victims, we are not worthy of our future.
Ljubiša Petrović