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Export from Bijeljina in 2014 increased for 11% compared to the year 2013

According to the official data of the Chamber of Commerce branch unit Bijeljina, the Bijeljina City economy achieved an increase in the export of goods for almost 11% compared to the year 2014, despite the catastrophic floods that hit this region in May 2014. The export value for last year from the Bijeljina City amounted more than 115 million BAM (cca € 59 milion), which presents an increase of 11 million BAM (cca € 5.64 milion) compared to the year 2013.

The growth of exports in the same period was recorded throughout the Bijeljina region consisted of Bijeljina nad 11 surrounding municipalities - from BAM 366 million (cca € 187,8 milion) in 2103 to 405 million (cca € 207,7 milion) in 2014.