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Continuation of cooperation between Azov and Bijeljina

Administration of the City of Bijeljina was visited by a delegation from the twin town of Azov. The delegation was made of the representatives of the Azov town administration, Russian Orthodox Church, Military Cossack Association “Almighty Don Army”, Regional public charity “Fathers of Don”, Museum of Azov, and students from the University of Azov.
- In the name of the town of Azov we greet the citizens of our sister city of Bijeljina. We are very glad that, regardless of all existing restrictions caused by the pandemic, we can nourish and grow our good relations. Azov and Bijeljina have many historic similarities and good opportunities for mutual cooperation in all areas, especially education, culture and public associations. We are tied by the same religion, history, brotherhood of Slavic peoples and the necessity of working together – said the head of the delegation of the town of Azov, Dmitry Titov.
The rector of the Azov town district, Aleksandr Miroshnichenko, gave an icon of the Virgin of Azov to Mayor Ljubiša Petrović. Deputy ataman of the Rostov District of the Military Cossack Association “Almighty Don Army” awarded Cossack medals of St. George to Mayor Petrović and President of the City Assembly Aleksandar Đurđević. He also gave a flag of Don Cossacks to the City of Bijeljina.
- We had an honest and fraternal conversation with our guests from Azov. We determined that our cooperation should be focused on culture and education, and we agreed to organize a visit of the group of students from Bijeljina to Azov, as soon as the epidemiology situation allows us to do so. And in return, Bijeljina, with the support of the City Administration, will welcome their colleagues from Azov. We believe in the strength of our fraternal love and honest Orthodox religion which connects us, and gifts we received from the delegation from Azov testify to this. The citizens of Bijeljina will pray in front of the icon of the Virgin of Azov for peace, love and harmony between Serbian and Russian people. Our brotherhood had been proven in the hardest historic moments, and it is our obligation to do everything we can to preserve it – pointed out Mayor Petrović.
Azov and Bijeljina have been twin cities since 2018, and twinning happened after the proposal of the children of our two cities.
- The door of our city is always wide open for Azov and Russia. Serbs and Russians are bound by historical, religious and traditional ties. A great number of Russian volunteers took part in the Defensive-Patriotic War and defence of our homes, and we will never forget the Russian support to Serbian people in the United Nations Security Council. We hope to deepen our fraternal cooperation in the future – said the President of the City Assembly Đurđević.