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European Mobility Week has started

By organising a series of activities for citizens of all ages to promote active and healthy way of getting around, or alternative means of transport, the City of Bijeljina is going to mark the European Mobility Week (EMW) for the third time from 16th to 22nd September.
This year’s European Mobility Week is dedicated to sustainable mobility for healthier living and its slogan is “Move Sustainably! Stay Healthy!” Through numerous activities Bijeljina is going to promote safe walking, bicycle riding, and using other means of transport which contribute to health and environment preservation, as well as to home budget savings.

Head of Section for Local Economic Development and European Integration Ankica Todorović pointed out that the planned seven-day activities include raising awareness about the need and importance of urban mobility, opening the city centre for pedestrians in the evening, theme workshops for children, traffic flow monitoring, non-competitive bicycle riding, rollerblading, open air trainings and an open air concert.
- King Peter’s Square is going to be open for pedestrians from 18:00 to 23:00 for six days, and on Sunday, 19th September, it is going to be open for pedestrians all day long, and closed for cars. All events are going to be organised with the support of a number of partners from public, non-government and private sectors, and we would like to thank them for their support in advance, as well as the citizens who will contribute to the European Mobility Week – said Todorović. Mladen Arsenović, Head of Mayor’s Office, pointed out that, despite the aggravated epidemiological circumstances, the Section for LED and EI managed to organise an eventful urban mobility week.
- Unfortunately, we see that until now the City Administration failed to do anything more serious regarding the mobility in order to positively influence the health of citizens, environment, air quality, and other aspects. The City Administration is planning a series of concrete activities in this area next year, like providing better access to streets for pedestrians, including the pedestrian zone, as well as building the infrastructure for cycling. I would like to mention the idea which we should implement next year – Bike sharing system, like they have in developed cities, enabling citizens and tourists to use bicycles with a minimum fee or with a subvention from the City – said Arsenović.