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Macron and Petrović: full support by France for efforts of young leaders

​Today, at the Elysee Palace, as part of the Paris Peace Forum, Bijeljina Mayor Ljubiša Petrović talked to the French President Emmanuel Macron about current situation in Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. President Macron gave full support to the generation of young politicians in their efforts to solve burning issues like corruption and crime, and also to build societies directed towards cooperation, European integrations and progress.
Mayor Petrović expressed his belief that the European path of Republika Srpska / BaH must not be questioned, and that the transparency of all social processes, as one of the most important European values, is the key for success on this path.
Cooperation with French cities was agreed on this occasion, namely the direct support from French funds for technological innovations and projects in ecology.
- This is a great day for Bijeljina, because it was presented at the forum which considers strategies important for the future of the whole world. We received support for our development and social goals from the highest level of French politics, and we believe that this is an important turning point for our city – said Petrović in Paris.