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MIA chatbot

How many times have you come to a public counter and realised
that you need JUST ONE more paper?
Imagine that there is an assistant available 24 hours, 7 days a week, to provide information for you on how to exercise a right or receive a service?
Ask MIA, she can provide information about procedures and necessary documents for individual services!
MIA is a city digital assistant (chatbot) who can lead you through certain administrative procedures, providing information while saving you time.
MIA is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can communicate with her using Viber, Facebook Messenger, and through the City Administration web page.
From now on, you can ask MIA for the information about the steps and necessary documents!
If you need information about:
MIA will save you time necessary to obtain information about collecting documents, information about fees, processes and similar. Forget about going to the City public counter, because there is a lot you can learn from MIA, from the place and time you want!
Start a conversation by clicking the web chat icon (in the bottom right corner) or ask Mia by clicking the Viber platform icon. If you use Facebook, you will be able to achieve conversation SOON through the Facebook page of the City of Bijeljina.
MIA is a chatbot facilitating provision of public services, by accelerating procedures and by reducing the need to visit several locations to complete administrative procedures, which are often mandatory by law.
Chatbots are the latest technological solutions for communication and can replace countless customer services in developed world.
MIA helps the employees of the City Administration to replace monotonous jobs with more complex and more interesting ones, while enabling citizens to get numerous answers from their home or another comfortable location, at a time that suits them best.